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Riverwind Stables offers Private horseback riding lessons for Saddleseat Equitation (English) for competition or just for fun.  Sorry trail riding is limted to owners of horses at facility, Riverwind does not offer trail riding.

We offer a hands-on active lesson program for children and adults.  Our horses are well schooled, quiet and willing to teach you everything you want to learn.  The horses come in a wide range of sizes and levels.

There is no minimum age.  We recommend starting formal riding instruction around the age of 6, when the child's comprehension level, physical strength and attention span begin to line up.  Younger children can benefit from an introduction to horses at a very young age, so you are welcome to bring them out for an intro lead line lesson as early as you wish.

Lessons are taught on a private basis; however, we may pair a beginner/intermediate rider with an advanced rider.  We often do this with the students so they can visually see what they are learning.  All students get a hands-on experience.  In addition to learning the correct riding skills to have a rewarding relationship with horses, each student will learn to groom and tack their lesson horse.
Lessons are by appointment only.  We offer lessons Monday through Saturday.
***No Credit Cards.  We accept Cash or Checks.  Payment is due upon arrival for your lesson***

45 minute Individual Lessons for ages 6 to 7 and up: $40.00
20 minute Lead Line Lessons for ages 6 and under: $25.00